SIX Payment Services (SIX) has extended its partnership with Payment Services Austria (PSA) for the processing of debit card transactions for another five years.

The partnership, which initially started in 2011, includes the processing of all PSA card-based payment transactions.

Under the deal, SIX as a central processing partner will make sure that all PSA debit card and ATM transactions (payments and cash withdrawals) are handled securely and reliably around the clock.

SIX processes card transactions in Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland and also operates a stable and secure processing platform that supports contactless payments.

Last year, SIX had processed 25.7 million credit, debit and other payment cards and 3.16 billion card transactions. PSA had managed nearly 559 million transactions including 9 million debit cards and nearly 7800 ATMs in 2014.

SIX Payment Services head financial services industry Luc Holper said: "We have a long-term, successful relationship with PSA and are looking forward to continuing working together. Our mission is to be a true partner for our customer and to work cooperatively at all levels."