SimbaPay, a London-based digital money transfer provider, has added Ghana and Uganda as remittance destinations on its international digital money transfer platform.

The launch will enable Ghanaians and Ugandans living in Europe to instantly send money to mobile phones to recipients in their home countries.

“Transfers made using SimbaPay are credited within seconds to recipients’ mobile money wallets such as MTN Mobile Money. This eliminates the inconvenience of queues and old school paperwork,” according to a statement.

SimbaPay CEO Nyasinga Onyancha said: “This is the perfect Christmas gift to Ghanaians and Ugandans living in Europe who have been asking when SimbaPay will expand coverage to their home countries. By delivering money via existing mobile money wallet services, many recipients who previously could not access formal financial services can now do so.”

SimbaPay also delivers money transfers via mobile money and bank account to other African countries such as Nigeria and Kenya. The company plans to add more destinations and partners in 2017.