SecureNet will roll out a global infrastructure based on its cloud-based PayOS platform, which will offer fully integrated multi-channel international payment processing for merchants.

Post launch, which is scheduled later this year, merchants can accept payments in over 130 currencies across the globe. Developers and businesses will be able to easily integrate SecureNet’s international payment processing capabilities into any website or mobile app.

SecureNet will also give global clients access to its various types of solutions, including an omnichannel merchant account, payment gateway, recurring billing, secure credit card storage, inventory management solution and detailed data analytics.

Leveraging SecureNet’s PayOS platform, merchants can rapidly integrate SecureNet’s single-stack APIs to build a global payments experience unique to their brand.

SecureNet’s full-stack payments platform will automatically convert, settle and deposit funds into merchants’ domiciled currencies, enabling them to accept payments in both local and foreign currencies.

All users will be provided security features such as tokenization at point-of-entry, end-to-end encryption and integrated fraud management tools.

SecureNet CEO Brent Warrington said: "SecureNet’s vision is to provide merchants around the world with the ability to seamlessly accept payments and grow their businesses.

"The international market provides a massive opportunity as global distribution platforms have essentially eliminated the barriers to international shopping."