Swedish mobile wallet SEQR has launched in Finland, rolling out at the country’s largest hamburger chain.

Customers at Hesburger will now be able to pay with their smartphones, either using QR codes or NFC.

Peter Fredell, CEO of Seamless – the company behind SEQR, said "We are very excited that Hesburger, being one of Finland’s most respected brands, has chosen SEQR when introducing mobile payments."

As well as paying through the SEQR app, Seamless said customers can connect to loyalty programs, store receipts digitally and receive offers and promotions directly through the app.

Fredell said: "Being able to offer a complete solution plays a strategically important role for our international expansion.

"The guests have already found their way to the mobile, and so we become a natural part of the shopping experience with payment, offers and connection to loyalty programs through one single app."

To coincide with the launch at Hesburger, SEQR for Windows Phone is also being debuted in Finland and will be available for download from Google Play by Windows Phone 8 users.

SEQR is scheduled to roll out on Windows Phone in Sweden during summer 2014.

In the last month, Seamless has also signed deals with British-branded payment network Payzone and the Swedish Trade Federation.

Under the Payzone deal, SEQR will be integrated into the network’s offering. This means that SEQR customers will be able to pay using the app at Payzone’s 20,000 payment terminals across Europe.

Seamless signed a frame agreement with the Swedish Trade Federation in early May, agreeing to collaborate with the trade body to cut the costs of card transactions to the Swedish economy.

Seamless and the trade organisation affirmed their commitment to helping the 12,000 members of the federation cut their costs by moving to mobile payments.

Bengt Nilervall, head of payment systems at the Swedish Trade Federation, said: "By challenging the dominance of the big four banks, we want to reduce costs for our members and increase the competition on the payment market.

"Paying with your mobile is faster, cheaper and has a range of different added values compared to cards.

"Therefore we have signed a frame agreement with SEQR and hope that it will be a member benefit that can lower the cost and increase the customer experience for our member companies."


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