Travel technology company Sabre has signed a strategic global partnership with Visa to streamline payments for the travel industry. Sabre will utilise Visa’s management platform, CyberSource.

CyberSource will provide an integrated travel reservation and fraud management solution to travel industry stakeholders including airlines, hotels and agencies.

The platform will enable Sabre to offer payment acceptance, fraud management and authentication services to its customers.

Visa global merchant travel solutions vice-president Fernando Souza said: “As the traveller journey becomes increasingly more digital, a fast, secure payment experience, across channels and enabled on multiple devices, is vital for success.

“Today, more than half of the world’s top 50 airlines already rely on CyberSource solutions for fraud and payment management, and we look forward to working with Sabre to expand digital payment acceptance and more efficiently protect its travel organisations worldwide.”

The CyberSource platform includes the Decision Manager solution, which has been designed to detect frauds faster with limited manual intervention. The solution utilises sophisticated modelling of multiple data sets and around 260 fraud detectors to identify potential threats.

Additionally, Sabre customers can utilise CyberSource’s Payment Acceptance features.

Airlines and travel partners can also gain access to CyberSource payment gateway services. This enables their clients to process digital payments from anywhere.

Moreover, Sabre customers can implement new digital payment options for their customers including the Visa Checkout process.

Commenting on the partnership, Sabre vice-president of product management Rodrigo Celis said: “This collaboration will allow our industry partners to manage fraud more efficiently and process more forms of payment, ultimately creating a better purchasing experience for our customers worldwide.”