US-based prepaid provider, RushCard has become
the latest company to launch a new tool and a cash-back reward
which aims to help its member’s budget and save.

The initiative, RushGoals, enables cardholders
to create personal financial goals, put money aside in separate
sub-account, and track their progress.

Cardholders can also make multiple goals by
setting up multiple sub-accounts, all tied to a single Prepaid Visa

RushCard said that in each month in which a
cardholder maintains an average daily balance of $500 or more
across their RushGoals sub-account, the cardholder will be rewarded
with $2 that will be applied toward their RushCard fees.

“Millions of Americans have grown frustrated
with financial institutions,” said RushCard founder, Russell

“With RushGoals, we not only give customers
money back, we’ll also help them realise their financial goals.
This is just one of the ways RushCard continues to look beyond
traditional prepaid card programs to create more tools to improve
the overall financial well-being of our members.”