RHB Islamic Bank has joined forces with WWF-Malaysia and Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) to introduce the first eco-friendly recycled plastic debit card in the Asia Pacific.

Called ‘RHB Visa WWF Debit Card-i’, the eco-friendly offering is created in line with the bank’s efforts under its flagship initiative ‘Ocean Harmony’ that supports the conservation of the marine ecosystem.

The initiative contributes directly and indirectly towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The bank also claims that this initiative complements its commitment to sustainable and responsible banking.

RHB Islamic managing director Adissadikin Ali said: “Most discarded plastics end up in the ocean to the detriment of marine life.

“Our new recycled plastic card is our way of contributing directly to the conservation of ocean life through global affiliated NGOs such as WWF-Malaysia, and local champions including UMT.”

The RHB Visa WWF Debit Card-i is expected to be available to all new and existing RHB customers in July 2020.

The first version of the eco-friendly card is expected to feature the Green Sea Turtle, one of the most endangered sea creatures in the world.

The cardholders will receive a 10% discount on WWF-Malaysia merchandise purchased online.

They can also donate up to 100% of their profit rate, channelling MYR3 ($0.70) towards UMT’s ocean research and development studies, for ocean life conservation.

WWF-Malaysia CEO Sophia Lim said: “This initiative is a good opportunity to showcase how industries can work together with us to conserve the environment and our marine life.”