Retail chain Auchan Retail Italia has introduced a new mobile payment application, dubbed AuchanSpeedy, to provide simple, quick and safe shopping experience for customers.

Launched in alliance with Mastercard, the new solution can be used to scan products in the store and make payment through smartphones.

The service is meant for members of Auchan’s customer loyalty programme called ‘LaTua!’ and expands the firm’s existing conventional and self-checkout system offerings.

Auchan Retail Italia customer and innovation director Stefano Ghidoni said: “Auchan is committed to developing innovative solutions to enable shopping where you want, when you want and how you want, even for payment systems.”

The retailer has currently deployed the new solution at its MyAuchan store in Milan and Auchan supermarket in Brescia and plans to extend to a total of 50 points-of-sale by the end of 2018.

In Italy, Auchan Retail operates multiple hypermarkets and supermarkets under the brand names Auchan, Ipersimply Market, Simply Market, Punto Simply, La Bottega and Accord Italia.