The largest supermarket chain in El Salvador,
Super Selectos, has announced that they have joined the RegaloCard
mobile payments network.

The network will allow consumers to instantly
send free “micro money transfers” from their mobile phones for as
little as $10 to buy groceries.

RegaloCard is a prepaid gift card that
immigrants can buy in the United States, but is delivered instantly
to the person chosen in the immigrant’s home country, to make
purchases at leading local retailers.

Gregory Keough, chairman and CEO of RegaloCard
stated, “Salvadorans sent home roughly $3.8 billion last year,
which represents 18 percent of the country’s GDP, of which a
substantial portion goes towards the purchase of everyday grocery
items. RegaloCard allows consumers to send as little as $10 to
their families instantly and for free, while at the same time
assuring that the money they send is used to purchase groceries
something that is impossible with current money transfer

Latin American retailers continue to join the
RegaloCard mobile payments network at an ever increasing pace with
the company adding ten new retail members since the beginning of
the year.