Radial’s newly rebranded solutions will help eCommerce retailers optimise their payment and fraud management operations, eliminate false declines, handle tax compliance and protect against chargeback fraud.

In addition, the rebranded tools will improve customer experience by increasing conversions and providing preferred payment methods to eCommerce clients.

“Radial is an excellent partner in their payment, tax and fraud offerings. Using their solutions, we have substantially grown revenue”, said Bill Quinn, senior vice president of Marketing and Digital at Hibbett, a retailer selling sports gear. “Also, we have avoided a large amount of cost through their best-in-class fraud protection.”

The decision to rebrand marks another step in Radial’s attempts to improve retailers’ capability to accept payments. In May 2022, the company partnered with Adyen to streamline and consolidate its payment offerings to eCommerce clients in US and Canada.

Yvan Gilliard, senior vice president of Payment Solutions & Omnichannel at Radial, commented: “Our Radial Payment Solutions are designed to empower eCommerce brands and retailers to capture the full value of consumer transactions with seamless, secure, and efficient payment processing, fraud prevention and tax compliance solutions.

“From an end-consumer perspective, payments are a critical and integral step in the online experience with the brand”, Gilliard added. “Working with the biggest consumer brands in North America and globally, we understand the critical role payments and fraud prevention play in eCommerce brands and retailers’ success, and we’re committed to helping our clients unlock opportunities, optimise operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience.”