Cyprus-based telecom provider PrimeTel has partnered with Revolut to launch a new co-branded contactless Visa card for its consumers across the country.

The PrimeTel Revolut prepaid card can be used at all merchants and e-commerce stores accepting Visa.

It comes with a variety of benefits and rewards such as free mobile internet and discounts for both existing and new PrimeTel subscribers.

Members will be able to make free international money transfers and ATM withdrawals. They can also use the card for purchase of digital currencies such as bitcoin.

Jamie Devlin from Revolut’s European Business Development said: “Our partnership will enable Primetel customers to access all the market leading services that Revolut offers, as well as a range of rewards and local discounts.”

The card also features additional security with options to freeze/unfreeze in case of theft or loss, for customising security settings, and turn on/off ATM and contactless payments.

In addition, cardholders will get instant payment alerts and can view analytics based on transactions, thereby allowing financial planning in advance.

PrimeTel chief commercial officer Theodosis Theodosiou said: “The move is connected to Primetel’s continued investment in our loyalty and technology platforms.

“We are excited to cooperate with one of Europe’s most progressive start-ups and be able to bring all the benefits of the Revolut card to PrimeTel’s customers.”