Bangladesh-based Prime Bank and JCB International (JCBI) have rolled out the first JCB card in the country.

The JCB credit and debit card holders can use the card at JCB’s global merchant network with over 26 million acceptance locations.

Bangladesh has become the 17th country where JCB card is issued.

Designed to provide beneficial payment life to Bangladeshi citizens, the Prime Bank – JCB card, will offer year-round discount promotions at popular retail stores and restaurants in the region.

Such discount promotions also comprises Japanese restaurants and Japanese related retail stores, reflecting the unique characteristics of the JCB brand.

Commenting on the launch of the card, Prime Bank chairman Azam Chowdhury said, "Prime Bank is launching JCB cards in Bangladesh as part of its relentless efforts to provide its customers newer and wider range of payment services.

"I am happy that with the issuance of JCB card in Bangladesh, Prime Bank is enabling its customers to get the advantage of the plastic money across the globe," Chowdhury added.

JCBI deputy president Kimihisa Imada commented, "I must emphasize that JCB card issuance by Prime Bank is not only the first in Bangladesh, but also the first in the entire South Asian region."

"I believe our strong business partnership with Prime Bank is an important milestone in JCB’s business expansion throughout Asia."