Powertranz, a Bermuda-based provider of card present platform, has teamed up with NCR Corporation and payment technology firm Bluefin to facilitate integrated point of sale (POS) card processing across Caribbean.

The collaboration involves the integration of the Powertranz SDK and payment gateway with the NCR Aloha POS system.

Aloha POS is a cloud-based retail platform that can be used on fixed POS terminals, consumer mobile devices and built-for-purpose handheld devices.

More than 80,000 large and small restaurants across the globe use the platform.

The integration, along with Bluefin’s PCI-DSS validated P2PE solution, will enable the restaurants across Caribbean to carry out integrated EMV and PCI validated P2PE point of sale payment.

Powertranz partnership

The new offering is already operational in one of the quick serve environment franchises in the Bahamas.

Powertranz CEO Chris Burns said: “Our integration to NCR Aloha introduces restaurant businesses across the Caribbean to a whole new way of accepting card payments.

“Together with Bluefin’s P2PE, this solution leverages sophisticated technology to protect clients from costly data breaches, dual entry mistakes and reconciliation issues.

“This offers customers the simplicity and automation they need to effectively manage their operations.”

Currently, Powertranz supports Chip and Pin, Chip and Signature, and Magnetic Stripe read capabilities in 17 Caribbean countries.

Commenting on the partnership, NCR general manager for Caribbean and Latin America Andy Caraballo said: “Quick service and casual dining restaurants are extremely popular in the Caribbean region and they are undergoing rapid digitisation of business processes.

“It is important that they have access to technology providers who can enable best in class solutions.

“Powertranz’s strategic integration with our NCR Aloha platform empowers Caribbean businesses to manage payments easily by enabling real time, integrated payments.”