Paytomat has announced a pilot launch of its decentralised solution for crypto payments in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The solution supports multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Cash, ZenCash, XEM, Dash, Waves, Litecoin, Ethereum, NANO, Decred, Zcoin, and Bitcoin.

Paytomat founder and CEO Yurii Olentir said: “Amsterdam is one of the most crypto-friendly places, so we chose it for our kick-off in Western Europe. With millions of tourists visiting every month, cryptocurrencies can be a very convenient payment method. For example, a transaction in Bitcoin Cash takes just a couple of seconds and the fee is miniscule.

“The great public interest and support we have received in Amsterdam makes us confident we’ll succeed in building the Paytomat global infrastructure for cryptocurrency payments.”

Paytomat offers incentives for businesses, customers and crypto core teams through its blockchain-based loyalty programme in order to improve the transactional usage of cryptocurrencies. Paytomat launched from Ukraine in 2017.