Indian e-commerce payment system Paytm is currently testing a facial recognition tool to enable digital payments through customer smartphones.

The new technology will help to customers unlock payments application on the mobile devices and carry out purchases.

Additionally, the Paytm face recognition tool will allow the customers to conduct payments at merchant outlets with the blink of an eye.

Sources quoted a senior executive as saying: “We have already started testing the face recognition tool among our employees.

“Once live, Paytm users will be able to log into the app by simply looking at the phone.”

More options

The sources also told Economic Times that the testing is being carried out on Google’s Android platform. Once completed, the feature will be launched through an app update.

The Paytm face recognition tool is aimed at further increasing security of payments preventing phishing attacks on offline payments.

However, offline payments through facial recognition will be rolled out later.

The company executives also told that the company will introduce additional security features with the face recognition tool to prevent frauds.

In April this year, Paytm introduced new Paytm Tap Card for the customers without internet access.

These cards utilise near field communication (NFC) technology to carry out digital offline transactions at merchant point-of-sale (POS) terminals issued by Paytm.