ControlScan has launched a new wireless PaySafe PumpConnect solution to enhance payment transactions at fuel dispensers.

To boost the transactions the solution uses EMV payments and digital media.

The firm noted that upgrade of fuel dispensers to accept EMV cards and/or incorporation of digital media can lead to slower transaction approvals as they require more bandwidth.

PaySafe PumpConnect uses wireless connectivity to avoid underground cabling and speed up the transaction communications process.

Available with a wireless in-dispenser units and an in-store access point device, the solution can be integrated into existing PoS settings of the retailer through the PaySafe UTM Firewall.

PaySafe PumpConnect is said to allow more than enough bandwidth to support both EMV card payments and video feeds at the pump.

ControlScan CEO Mark Carl said: “The idea for PaySafe PumpConnect was born through our conversations with customers, partners and other industry stakeholders.

“We realised that the communications problem could be quickly and securely solved with a simple wireless addition to pre-existing technology.”

Currently, convenience store chain Weigel’s is testing the wireless PaySafe PumpConnect solution for use across its locations in the future.

Weigel’s information technology coordinator Greg White said: “Implementing a secure, high-speed wireless solution at the pumps means we don’t have to rip up our forecourts to get to a damaged conduit or existing wiring.”