US-based worldwide online payments system operator PayPal has rolled out its upgraded mobile app to bolster customer experience.

Sending and requesting money will continue to remain as the most popular feature of the Paypal upgraded app. However, the improvements carried out by the company will make the app simpler to use and allow customers to easily send and request money.

The mobile app’s design enables customers to easily view their balance, receive notifications and transfer money.

In addition, the company has added some extra features. These features allow customers to add their photo and personalise their contact list for sending and requesting money. This will help them avoid sending money to a wrong recipient.

Furthermore, PayPal has shifted the positions of the Send and Receive money buttons on the app so that they are accessible by the customers on the home screen.

The app is also equipped with advanced authentication features, round the clock fraud monitoring and instant account notifications.

Compatible with Android devices, the refreshed PayPal mobile app will roll out in select markets, including Australia and Italy.

Over the coming weeks, the upgraded version will be launched in the additional global markets. It will also be available for iOS users.