PayPal has introduced its mobile payment app at over 50 cafés, restaurants and food trucks across Toronto, enhancing the dining experience for customers in the city.

Once the user checks in to pay, the app displays the user’s name and profile photo on restaurant’s payment system, making it easy for the barista or the server to identify them, take the order, confirm the amount to be paid, and charge them by clicking the photo.

The app also sends an alert to the customer’s phone informing them of the amount paid, along with an email confirmation from PayPal.

PayPal Canada consumer marketing head, Kerry Reynolds, said: "With the PayPal app on their phone, Torontonians can now search for nearby restaurants, redeem exclusive offers and pay the bill securely at some of their favourite food places in the city."

Customers have an option to pay from their bank account, credit card or the balance in their PayPal account on the wallet tab on the PayPal app.

The PayPal mobile app, which is already available in the US, the UK and Australia, is free for download on iPhone and Android smartphones.