American online payments firm Payoneer has bolstered its presence in Europe by launching an office in London.

The company said it launched a new office as it observed an increased demand for UK businesses looking to expand beyond the EU.

The fact that digital marketplaces and platforms are opening their doors to foreign sellers, publishers and talent also played a major role, the company said.

Payoneer country manager for the UK Daniel Mayhew said: “London is a huge tech and innovation hub, yet UK businesses have historically focused on a domestic-first approach. Our mission is to help these businesses take advantage of the incredibly lucrative markets that exist internationally.

“We felt it was crucial to open up a physical office in the UK at this junction to offer more support to the local business community.”

Payoneer CEO Scott Galit said: “As Brexit looms, there’s an increased interest among many UK businesses to look to new markets for growth, like the US, Asia and Latin America.  At Payoneer, we are experts helping businesses expand into international markets and capitalize on growth opportunities in the new global digital economy.

“We’ve continued to increase investment in key markets to support global trade, most recently opening new offices in Japan, India, the Philippines, China and now, the UK. After twelve years in the industry, we understand the needs of the business community in the rapidly changing digital economy, and plan to become the top partner in the UK helping  businesses grow internationally.”