US-based healthcare payment processing firm PayGround has introduced a new payment application programming interface (API) to streamline payment processing.

The new Payment API is designed to allow healthcare institutions to directly incorporate with the PayGround platform.

Using the API, institutions can add payment-processing capabilities to their current platforms without troubling the patient’s involvement.

Healthcare institutions can also safely send basic patient demographic data as well as due balances and payment system details to PayGround. They can assign a digital wallet to the patients, stated PayGround.

With the addition of Payment API, PayGround aims to help the healthcare industry to transform its payment processing system.

PayGround CEO Drew Mercer said: “Healthcare needs a payment API that solves our complex industry-specific challenges, such as HIPAA compliance and integrating with our unique billing systems.

“This is a sophisticated payment API specific for healthcare — and it’s just one of the ways we’re expanding our platform.”

PayGround noted that the new Payment API offers better services than its existing iFrame technology, which can be integrated into the healthcare vendor workflow to provide one-time credit card and automated clearing house (ACH) dealings.

Payment API is capable of retaining users in the institutions’ system to pay their bills.

PayGround product management director Stephanie Hanson said: “They also have the ability to process a one-time payment using a manually entered credit card or a digital wallet item.

“In addition, PayGround’s Payment API can process recurring payments using a token for a previously saved digital wallet item, process a void or a refund for processed transactions, and provide reporting tools for reconciliation and settlement.”

In February this year, PayGround announced a new addition to enable healthcare providers using the eClinicalWorks (eCW) platform to perform automated payment processing through a new workflow integration.