OPTIMA Bank, a subsidiary of ATF Bank of Kazakhstan, is set to issue UnionPay International cards including regular, gold and diamond cards in Kyrgyzstan.

ATF Bank has already started issuing UnionPay cards at all its ATMs and merchants since the end of last year.

The regular, gold and diamond cards will be used on the UnionPay card acceptance network in over 150 countries and regions.

Additionally, the diamond card issued in the Central Asia region will provide benefits such as merchant offers and airport VIP services.

Through its One Belt One Road strategy, UnionPay International is expanding the acceptance of UnionPay cards in Central Asia as well as promoting UnionPay card issuance by local institutions to provide payment services for the exchange and cooperation among different countries.

Currently, UnionPay cards are accepted by 20% of ATMs as well as merchants in Kyrgyzstan.