Send to Wallet allows users to add their virtual cards to their preferred mobile wallet from a web browser without downloading an app or providing bank details. Instead, people can load their virtual card directly into a mobile wallet by following web browser email prompts.

The move comes following a recent study conducted by the company, whereby 70% of consumers prefer to shop and pay through digital methods.

The pilot program began in January 2023 and is now available to nearly twenty thousand employees from a US-based Fortune 50 company administered through HALO.

Steven Trompeter, vice president of enterprise sales at HALO, welcomed the launch, saying they “couldn’t ask for a better partner” regarding its collaboration with Onbe.

“One of Onbe’s greatest offerings is delivering payment choice to the recipient, giving them the ability to use their funds however they choose, from online to in-store”, Trompeter said. “Utilizing Onbe’s new Send to Wallet functionality, we’re able to deliver funds conveniently and securely to recipients’ digital wallets, on behalf of one of our Fortune 50 clients, without requiring users to download an app”, he continued.

Max Grande, Onbe’s vice president of product, commented: “At Onbe, we know that consumers expect fast access to their funds and we’re constantly innovating and developing new, secure and simple ways to do it

“Send to Wallet is an early market solution that puts the fast, frictionless ability to add a virtual card to a mobile wallet with no app to download into a user’s hands, no matter if they are underbanked, unbanked, or someone who just wants immediate access to their funds”, he continued.