Oman Arab Bank (OAB) has chosen SmartVista suite from BPC Banking Technologies, as part of its plan to boost its payment business.

Replacing the existing legacy ACI Open2 platform, SmartVista will enable the bank to fulfil its objective of having a modern and flexible platform to continue to adapt to the changing retail banking market.

OAB selected SmartVista from BPC over both ACI and HPS after a comprehensive review and bid process and with the changing shape of retail banking within Oman.

The lender believes that SmartVista will enable the bank to manage its ATM estate more effectively, comply with future standards for the introduction of EMV together with modern and flexible card issuing capabilities and fraud prevention.

OAB has plans to provide EMV compliant Visa card products, as well as support local cards (Islamic) based on Visa Electron.

In addition, the bank will also acquire AmEx cards for the first time. With the implementation of SmartVista, the bank will provide support for e-commerce for Visa debit cards issued by OAB.

Oman Arab Bank general manager of retail banking Fahd Amjad said: "Transforming customer experience is always heavily reliant on investing and improving on technologies within the retail business.

"The partnership with BPC gives us an ability to innovate products and adapt our business offerings to changing consumer demands.

"We expect our clients to be delighted not only with the enhanced level of security but also the many feature rich products that we will be introducing with the help of the new solution."