Oman Air has chosen Accelya’s VIVALDI card payments solutions to streamline its card management process.

The airline will deploy Accelya’s VIVALDI suite, which includes VIVALDI CardClear, VIVALDI Reconciliation and VIVALDI Chargeback.

The deal between the two parties will include both indirect as well as direct card sales.

The VIVALDI suite will allow the airline to consolidate and present its card sales to select global acquirers, accept all card types and enable transaction settlement in desired currencies.

The solutions will also enable the airline to achieve greater control over acquirer agreements such as missed service level agreements and discount rates, help the company reconcile at transaction level, identify missing transactions payments, as well as accelerate and streamline the chargeback process, Accelya says.

Oman Air CFO Japeen Shah said: “By streamlining our card payments processes, we can improve efficiency and deliver better service for our customers. We are therefore pleased to have chosen Accelya’s VIVALDI solutions. They have proved to be the best fit for our business, since they cover all card-related processes across the payments lifecycle.

“VIVALDI CardClear will enable us to easily and quickly accept new business and expand into new markets. VIVALDI Reconciliation will help us reconcile each transaction to prevent revenue leakage. And VIVALDI Chargeback will help us standardise our processes for better administration, cost efficiency and compliance.”