Nuggets, a UK-based e-commerce payments and ID platform, has launched its mobile app Alpha to iOS users.

The platform leverages blockchain technology to enable consumers to make e-commerce payments, log in to services, and verify their identities.

Customers perform all these activities without having to disclose or save their personal information with anyone, not even Nuggets.

Currently, Nuggets is granting access to Alpha in limited batches to select users, who can download the Alpha, test the onboarding process, experiment with the login feature and offer feedback.

Nuggets CEO and co-founder Alastair Johnson said: “Using blockchain technology, we’ve developed a platform that will revolutionise the way we store personal data and make transactions online.

“Nuggets is all about giving consumers the chance to take back control of their data. Our Alpha offers the chance to become one of the very first people to do so.”

The company noted that it will launch Alpha for Android users in few weeks and integrate the payment function within months.

The company added that retailers and e-commerce firms can easily integrate its technology with their legacy systems.