NHS Shared Business Services has turned towards Tradeshift, an electronic invoice management system, for help in managing the 30,000 NHS invoices that are processed daily.

The Tradeshift electronic invoicing platform already handles the payment processes of hundreds of thousands of other businesses.

NHS SBS will persuade suppliers to use Tradeshift for submitting and tracking their invoices electronically in order to alter the whole NHS supply chain. This will result in efficient payments, which in turn expedite the payments to suppliers, removing the weight borne by NHS resources.

NHS plays the crucial role of offering business support in finance and accounting, procurement, employment services and primary care services. Now, with Tradeshift electronically processing invoices, manual paperwork has been eliminated totally, cutting down rework and freeing the resources.

The margin for error has been reduced as Tradeshift facilitates scanning in such a way that the invoices come clean in the face of 15 checks. This allows easy interaction and payment transparency throughout the process between suppliers and clients of NHS SBS.

NHS SBS director of finance and accounting, Simon Murphy, averred, "Implementing e-invoicing is an incredibly important step for us in simplifying and modernising supplier interactions on behalf of our clients. Tradeshift gives us a brilliant platform for better collaboration, and will allow us to scale up and evolve with suppliers, as well as introduce innovative solutions."

Suppliers can use this platform for free.