NFC Forum, the non-profit industry association that promotes NFC technology, has given green signal to Clear2Pay for its Logical Link Control Protocol (LLCP) and Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol (SNEP) conformance test suites.

While LLCP is a protocol that supports two-way peer-to-peer communication between NFC-enabled devices, SNEP enables an application to exchange NDEF messages between two NFC-enabled devices when operating in NFC Forum peer-to-peer mode.

Both the conformance test suites support the NFC Forum Certification Program, allowing device manufacturers to develop solutions that comply with industry standards.

Clear2Pay Test Solutions general manager, Marie Costers, said the LLCP and SNEP test solutions complement their NFC Forum Digital Conformance Test Suite.

"Manufacturers can now be confident that they’ve implemented technology that is up to the demands of the industry: this new solution can be used during development, for debugging and pre-certification," Costers added.

NFC Forum executive director, Paula Hunter, said every testing solution that supports the NFC Forum Certification Program provides the marketplace with one more assurance that tested NFC devices will perform consistently and reliably.