Vietnam-based smart cards provider MK Group has collaborated with Norwegian fingerprint sensor manufacturer Next Biometrics to introduce an R&D programme for biometric smart cards for banking and other applications.

Under the programme, MK Group’s next generation of smart card products will integrate NEXT’s large-area fingerprint sensors.

Currently, MK Group is working alongside NEXT Biometrics’ technical and sales teams on a biometric smart card project.

For the trial phase, that seeks to assess contact-based biometric smart cards, the Vietnamese firm has opted for NEXT’s One Touch Flex CT-150 sensors.

Furthermore, the choice of the One Touch Flex sensors is due to its large area tailored for biometric smart cards.

MK Group chairman and CEO Nguyen Trong Khang said: “As a leader in smart card technology, incorporating the security and convenience of biometrics in our products is a natural next step forward for MK Group.”

“We look forward to working with NEXT Biometrics on this project to share the benefits of advanced fingerprint sensor technology with our customers.”

NEXT Biometrics chief sales and marketing officer Alain Faburel also added: “We’re very pleased to have our technology considered for MK Group’s future product lineup. This is yet another strong affirmation of the core advantages NEXT is bringing to the smart card segment with our large-area, flexible sensors.”