NetCents Technology, a Canadian online payments processing platform, has completed the integration into the ExaDigm N5 smart terminal.

ExaDigm offers an array of POS terminals. Among its offerings are mobile payment terminals, countertop payment terminals, mobile POS solutions, smart PIN pads, as well as compact mobile payment terminals.

N5 POS terminal supports NFC, EMV, pin-based transactions, and signature capture payment.

NetCents CEO Clayton Moore said: “The successful integration of the NetCents platform into ExaDigm N5 POS terminal is milestone for both NetCents and the acceptance of cryptocurrency as a daily transactional currency.

“Through this integration we have now made it easier for merchants to accept and cryptocurrency holders to spend their cryptocurrency in brick and mortar locations.”

Through the integration with NetCents cryptocurrency merchant gateway, N5 will also support cryptocurrency.

ExaDigm vice president Patricia Love said: “The NetCents integration into our N5 terminal represents another way we provide our customers and their customers the latest and greatest in payment options.

“Making it easier to spend cryptocurrency for day-to-day purchases is a big leap for all of us.”

Recently, NetCents announced plans to expand its merchant reach to more than 60 countries.

The firm will facilitate cryptocurrency payments for businesses in these countries, while enabling settlements in local fiat currencies.