Net 1 UEPS Technologies has rolled out an automated onboarding payment gateway solution in Europe, to help local merchants to capitalise on cross-border e-commerce opportunities.

The new plug-and-play payment solution is available on the official website of Net 1’s Ceevo, which was previously called the International Payments Group.

Ceevo has utilised its international reach and financial and technological expertise to handle the complexities of international payments including security, regulation, and a range of payment options.

Net1CEOHerman Kotzesaid: “We are delighted to launch our Ceevo brand along with the first of our payment services developed on our new technology platform.

“Our Ceevo team will focus on providing seamless, secure and trustworthy payment services that will enable European merchants to participate in global e-commerce activities by accepting payments from anybody, in any currency, from anywhere in the world.”

The company noted that the speed and simplicity of accepting electronic payments through its solution will be particularly attractive to underserved merchants in Eastern Europe.

Net1 is a multinational financial technology company with a presence in Africa, Asia and Europe. It offers transaction processing services, including a payment processor and bill payment platform in South Africa.