About 50% of UAE travelers will spend more on family holidays in next one year, according to the findings of Visa affluent study.

Global payments’ technology company Visa interviewed over 300 credit card-holders in the UAE during an online survey, encompassing both male and female, between the ages of 18-55 years.

More than 130 of the respondents had annual household incomes between AED200,000 and AED300,000 and more than 170 respondents had household incomes of AED 300,000 and above per annum.

Visa Inc. MENA UAE general manager and global accounts lead Marcello Baricordi said, "One interesting feature of the study that I can reveal ahead of our presentation at Arabian Travel Market, is that in 2013 family holidays had the third highest spending incidence among affluent respondents in the UAE."

The study reveals that 89% took an overseas holiday in the last year with India, USA, Turkey, Maldives and France as the most popular destinations.

"In terms of expected spending on family holidays over the next 12 months, half of UAE affluent respondents said they would be spending more than the previous year," Baricordi added.

The study also pointed out that the UAE residents demand for luxury hotels, and fine dining restaurants, among other comforts, and are ready to pay for the same.