NCR Corporation has purchased technology company Midwest POS Solutions for an undisclosed sum to expand its footprint in Indiana and Kentucky.

The acquired entity is one of the first dealers of point-of-sale (POS) solution NCR Aloha. The POS is being used by over 75,000 restaurants across the globe.

The takeover of Midwest POS will bring over 1,000 restaurants to NCR’s fold in Indiana and Kentucky.

Commenting on the deal, NCR Corporation president and CEO Michael Hayford said: “Midwest POS is known for its quality customer service.

“Midwest POS customers will keep their favourite local team, and now with NCR, that local team will receive even more support and can expand offerings provided.”

Upon completion of the transaction, NCR will continue to manage three local offices and retain the Midwest POS management team and employees.

Midwest POS president Murray Bartholome said: “In today’s competitive market, having direct support from NCR best enables us to provide more solutions to our existing customers and grow our client base.

“NCR is committed to the customer first, and so are we. With this shared commitment, we are confident that the only thing changing is our name and logo. Our staff, culture and mission to provide the highest-quality solutions and service will remain the same.”

With a team of 34,000 employees, NCR serves the financial, retail, hospitality, telecom and technology industries in 180 countries.