Nayax, a commerce enablement and payments platform, has announced an integration partnership with American Express across EEA & UK markets.

UK will become the first Nayax market to allow acceptance of American Express Cards.

It will implemented across all Nayax VPOS Touch and Onyx cashless payment devices deployed across unattended industries, including vending, self-service laundromats, and more.

Nayax retailers will be able to accept American Express Cards for all purchases and services.

Following Nayax’s firmware launch recently, all VPOS Touch and Onyx devices will be able to accept American Express transactions.

In an effort to support retailers, Nayax and American Express will offer marketing material to boost awareness of the new payment options among customers.

American Express UK vice president for Aggregation & Small Merchant Partnerships Keith McDonald said: “American Express is excited to partner with Nayax, enabling more Nayax locations across the UK to welcome our loyal and high spending Cardmembers.

“Through such partnerships, we’re adding thousands of new locations every year, meaning our Cardmembers have an even greater choice of where they can use their card.”

Nayax UK managing director Lewis Zimbler said: “Nayax UK is thrilled to be working with American Express, enabling American Express Card transactions for our customers.

“This move aligns with our mission to provide Nayax customers with opportunities for ongoing business growth and opening the potential for increased revenue opportunities for our customers.

“Our advantage of in-house R&D and payment teams consistently propels Nayax to the top and strengthens Nayax’s position in the market.”