Gold savings app Nauggets has forged an alliance with real-time payments specialist Azupay to help its clients with account-to-account payments across Australia.

The round the clock service is based on Azupay’s New Payments Platform PayID and PayTo solutions that are integrated into Nauggets.

Through the collaboration, Nauggets will simplify payments in transaction of gold as well as consolidate its instant account-to-account services.

Nauggets will also be able to offer an improved alternative to credit cards in addition to eliminating fraud and chargebacks, among others, as part of the alliance.

Nauggets head of APAC Phoebe Tooker said: “We want to stand out from other fintech apps by making our user experience fun, fresh and simple.

“We want members to feel it’s as easy as saving in fiat currency, like your regular savings account.”

Tooker added: “With many investment options being extremely volatile we can see gold has proven to hold its purchasing power over time and be a good hedge against inflation.

“Gold is a safe haven, and we want to encourage a habit in people to diversify and save in an asset that is stable.”

So far, over 12 million Australians are said to have adopted PayID, which is capable of offering instant payments to its customers.

PayTo, which is a one touch payments, is designed to facilitate instant wallet top-ups that helps minimising missed payments and processing expenditures.

Azupay chief product officer Tom Rundle said: “Instant and easy to use PayTo and PayID payments help Nauggets’ deliver the promise of investing in gold being as easy as saving in your regular bank account.”

In May this year, Azupay announced a partnership with Australian Forex and OTC derivatives trading broker Mitrade on real-time payments in Australia.