National Gift Card (NGC), a provider of B2B digital and physical gift card solution and fulfilment, has deployed two new gift card fulfilment machines – Kern K-91CS gift card sequencer and Kern K91 system – from Kern International.

NGC believes that the two new machines will enable the company to provide customers’ campaigns with increased speed, accuracy, and end-to-end validation.

Kern K-91CS gift card sequencer sorts and arranges the cards for the K91 insertion machine, maintaining validation of the programmed card sequence throughout the process. It is touted to be first of its kind in the world.

The Kern K91 system tracks each gift card and matches it to a customised carrier that is a letter which includes the end user’s address, programme branding, custom messaging, and other pertinent information that allows for custom physical gift card fulfilment.

The K91 then inserts the carrier into an envelope, seals the mailer, and stacks the mailers to maximise speed and accuracy of the card delivery to the end customer.

NGC already operates two Kern K-91 machines in-house.

NGC CEO Adam Van Witzenburg said: “The investment in this technology gives us the quantifiable speed and accuracy that keeps us on point with our mission of being ‘Best in Class’ in the gift card industry.”

NGC president Eric Thiegs said: “The combination of our four Kern machines, NGC’s gift card API and NGC’s gift card fulfilment platform is setting the gold standard for B2B gift card sourcing and fulfilment.

“We bring the all-important aspects of security, quality, and capacity, along with over 400 international merchant gift cards and prepaid open loop products, to help decision makers in the rewards, loyalty, and incentive markets sleep well at night knowing their gift card rewards are being fulfilled to the highest standards with the broadest brand selection.”