Australian banks Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) and ANZ
both suffered systems glitches in recent weeks leaving customers
unable to access funds.

ANZ customers were hit on Tuesday 24th August leaving
retailers unable to process EFTPOS and credit card transactions
between 11am and 2pm.

CBA customers faced difficulty on Monday 30th of
August, unable to withdraw cash from their bank’s ATMs or use
EFTPOS at retailers.

ANZ have yet to comment on the glitch, though it thought to be
unrelated to a previous communications failure that saw its point
of sale and ATM networks freeze in June.

CBA has apologised to customers blaming “a critical security
change” for their outage.

Netbank, the bank’s online banking service, had undergone a
security upgrade over the weekend prior to the outage.

 “The Commonwealth Bank made a critical security change to
its systems this morning, as a consequence, merchants using CBA
terminals have intermittently had valid MasterCard, Visa or other
scheme debit card transactions declined at the point of sale,” a
spokesperson for the Bank told ZDNett Australia.

The bank said that ATM and POS networks had been fully restored
by 5pm on Tuesday afternoon.