MoneyGram has collaborated with Canada Post to unveil a new digital money transfer service.

Canada Post has over 5,200 locations across Canada.

The firm is said to deliver around two of every three parcels ordered online by consumers in the country.

The latest alliance will enable consumers to complete transactions at select Canada Post locations.

Canada Post general manager of retail John Reis said: “Our money transfer operation is rooted in the belief that the ability to reliably send money should be as inclusive as possible.

“And now, along with MoneyGram, we are able to add to our digital portfolio of money transfer services, in the most convenient way possible for our customers.”

Consumers can begin the payment by creating a profile on and then selecting the ‘Cash at a Location’ option.

As a security layer, they can leverage a barcode that comprises the details of the payment.

Commenting on the partnership, MoneyGram chief revenue officer Grant Lines said: “Working with Canada Post, we are able to provide more choices for consumers to send money how they want and when they want, across our reliable and secure network.”

MoneyGram, which caters to clients in more than 200 countries, was recently in the news for its tie-up with KyckGlobal.

The partnership was aimed at serving gig economy workers in the US.