Member Access Pacific (MAP), the Seattle-based card processing aggregator of the Visa Debit Processing Service platform for credit unions, has launched a new loyalty programme for Visa Debit and Credit issuers.

Visa Debit and Credit issuers can switch to the new loyalty programme from the existing Visa Extras programme, which may end by early 2015.

MAP president and CEO Cyndie Martini said, "For issuers wanting to continue a loyalty program for their members, this is a timely opportunity to make the switch to a new program."

With support from MAP, existing points of credit unions’ members can be migrated from their rewards programmes to Augeo Marketing’s enterprise solutions.

Migration of Visa debit and credit card issuers will start in April 2014. The company will continue to extend customer support for three months after the cardholders’ last redeem date in late 2014.

Visa will also continue to deliver customer support for travel rewards redeemed for six months after the last redeem date, through mid-2015.