Mellon Technologies, RBS and Ingenico Group have entered into a collaboration to launch a fully integrated solution streamlining cash and card transactions at the point of sale.

The solution will integrate the Ingenico smart terminals with the next generation RBS cash registers, the successful integration of which was managed by Mellon.

The smart terminals and cash registers are linked via a specific communication protocol and exchange the necessary data every time a card-based transaction takes place.

With this integrated system, transaction details will be sent from the cash register to the payment terminal automatically, without requiring any manual entry of the purchase amount on the payment terminal.

The system will also reduce the check-out time, eliminate the amount entering errors, while the cash register system provides a detailed report of all payments transactions, including those made with a banking card.

The solution acts in accordance with the Ministry of Finance and the local Tax Authorities’ mandates related to retail transactions handling, as well as complies with all international card payment industry standards through Mellon’s services to EFTPOS terminal software updates.

Mellon Technologies business unit manager Manos Perdikaris said: "The strategic partnership between Mellon Technologies, Ingenico Group and RBS enables retail businesses to minimize payment complexity and improve the overall shopping experience."

Ingenico Group managing director Eastern Europe and Africa Luciano Cavazzana said: "Thanks to the integration of our innovative smart terminals with the new generation of RBS cash register systems, merchants take benefits of an optimized card & cash payment solution providing an improved consumer experience through speed of payment offering a simplified reporting on transactions to merchants."