Non-banking card sales have hit 5 million for
the first time at Mellon Technologies, a Greece-based card
solutions provider.

The company, whose private label card clients
include Carrefour, Adidas, Attica Department Stores, Makro, Avin
Oil, and EasyCruise, has sold more than 100 million cards,
including those in the banking and wider public sector.

Over the past 10 years the company has
developed card-based solutions for different sectors in the Greek
market, and has contributed to the implementation and support of
card-based loyalty and gift card campaigns.

“The need to strengthen customers’ loyalty has
become more evident in recent years, with the intense recession
formulating a more sceptic consumer profile, thus urging businesses
to investigate new ways of acquiring and retaining customers,” said
Peggy Guelestathi, responsible for the Non-Banking Card Solutions
business of Mellon Technologies.

Mellon Technologies is the parent company of
Mellon Group of Companies with subsidiaries in Albania, Bulgaria,
Cyprus, Egypt, FYROM, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Egypt, Ukraine and