Credit card provider MBNA UK has announced it
will refund any foreign currency exchange fees and cash advance
charges incurred by customers who are stranded abroad as a result
of the volcanic ash disruption.

MBNA has also confirmed that customers who
have difficulty paying their monthly credit card bill due to the
grounded flights will be treated sympathetically.

Ian O’Doherty president of Bank of America
Europe Card Services, which operates the MBNA brand, said: “Our
customers need our help and standing by them, during what is an
extraordinary event, is the right thing to do.

“The disruption caused by this volcano is
unprecedented; thousands of travelers are having to try and deal
with things as best they can. They need to know we are here to help
them during these difficult times.”

Restrictions on flights in the UK were lifted
yesterday; however delays and cancellations are expected as
airlines adjust to running normal services.