MasterCard and Lembaga Tabung Haji have rolled out a Shariah-compliant debit card that will allow Malaysian citizens to use it not only for their pilgrimage but also for everyday convenience.

Known as Tabung Haji Debit-i MasterCard, the new debit card can be used to pay for purchases at more than 38 million merchant locations across the globe including in Saudi Arabia.

The cardholders will be able to access cash at more than 2.5 million ATMs worldwide.

Commenting on the launch of the new card, MasterCard president for southeast Asia Matthew Driver said, "MasterCard is deeply committed to working with Tabung Haji to deliver a comprehensive range of innovative and tailored Shariah-compliant payment solutions to its depositors.

"With this collaboration, Tabung Haji depositors will enjoy the convenience of a globally accepted MasterCard Debit card and give them access to their accounts whether at home in Malaysia, travelling to Makkah or Madinah as part of their pilgrimage or other locations."