Mastercard has signed an agreement to test eService’s new payment solution LitePOS in Poland. The pilot will be carried out until June next year.

eService’s LitePOS app turns a smartphone into payment terminal for accepting card transactions. The solution features MYPINPAD’s PIN on Mobile technology.

The mobile payment solution will be accompanied by a Secure card Reader to enable acceptance of both chip and contactless card payments.

During the pilot, LitePOS will be tested for its suitability in market conditions. Improvements to the solution will be made depending on the feedback obtained.

The final design of the solution will be tested during the last stage of the pilot.

MYPINPAD global head of Mobile Solutions David Poole said: “We are delighted that MYPINPAD’s PIN on Mobile technology is being deployed as part of eService’s new mobile payment solution.

“We commend all parties bringing this transformational technology to the Polish market. PIN on Mobile is set to revolutionise in-store payments in 2019.”

Before the pilot, LitePOS was subjected to a qualitative opinion research among a small group of entrepreneurs, who assessed its installation and ease-of-use.

Participants of the research showed interest to use this type of device for their businesses. It was observed to be well-received by those who accept on-the-go payments such as couriers and taxi drivers.

A survey by Mastercard found associated costs to be one of the most frequent challenges for card payment acceptance. The LitePOS technology, primarily intended for small businesses, is said to address these concerns by reducing the required infrastructure and costs.