Mastercard has partnered with Netcetera to roll out a 3DS testing platform that will help retailers and other businesses become ready to comply with Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2).

PSD2 aims to protect consumers from making unauthorised online payments with their credit or debit card. In most EEA countries, the hard enforcement of the PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements is slated to be effective on 31 December this year.

In addition, the Mastercard Identity Check programme mandates that the error rates from 3DS 2.x authentications should be less than 1%.

The partnership aims to help merchants prepare for EMV 3DS 2.x requirements and the Mastercard Identity Check programme.

The test programme is said to utilise Netcetera’s 3DS Access Control Server (ACS).

Christopher Omloo, responsible for the Secure Digital Payment Business Development at Netcetera, has welcomed the alliance.

Omloo said: “As an early adopter, our 3DS product portfolio is always among the first to comply with the latest 3DS protocols. Therefore, we are very happy to team up with Mastercard to further improve the quality of payment transactions for merchants.”

The 3DS testing platform will allow merchants to test different transactions in the live system, directly in their online shop, using test cards provided by Mastercard.

These tests are designed to detect if the 3DS implementation of the merchants adheres to EMV and Mastercard requirements. Merchants will also be able to identify the reasons for errors and improve the approved transaction rate by eliminating them.

Mastercard Product Management Security Solutions vice president Michael Sass said: “It is critical that retailers and other businesses prepare now to be able to continue offering their customers the best shopping experience once the new regulatory requirements have become effective at the end of the year. This testing platform is a significant step in helping them prepare in the most efficient way.”