Passengers travelling on Metrolink across Greater Manchester can now pay their fares using contactless payments.

The service, said to be the first aggregated Pay As You Go implementation on light rail outside of London, will start from 15 July 2019.

With the new system, passengers can touch-in and touch-out at tram stops with contactless bank cards or contactless-enabled payment device like phone or watch.

The system will automatically calculate the fare, up to a daily cap.

However, the current provision of purchasing tickets at a ticket machine via contactless bank card will be retained.

Similar contactless payment systems are also offered in New York, Rio and Singapore.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) collaborated with Visa to offer the new system.

Visa global head of urban mobility Nick Mackie said: “The future of our cities is intertwined with – and reliant on – a public transportation system that is easy for residents and visitors to use while also being cost effective to operate.”

“Our partnership with Manchester uses the power and ease of contactless payments to improve the experience of living, working and travelling around the city.”

In this context, TfGM cited a research by Visa that found the possibility of boosting public transport use by as much as 27% with easier payments.