A card skimming malware dubbed MagentoCore.net is found to have infected 7,339 individual e-commerce stores over the past six months. The skimming may have provided access to payment data.

The MagentoCore card skimmer script was uncovered when security researcher Willem de Groot scanned websites running the Magento shopping cart software.

According to de Groot, at least 1450 stores have had the malware during the whole six months duration. The researchers added that a minimum of 50-60 new brands are being infected over the last two weeks.

The MagentoCore card skimmer is said to gain access to the online store’s control panel by mainly using brute force methods such as trying multiple passwords.

Once the malware script is added, it records keystrokes from the customers. The captured data is then transferred to the ‘magentocore.net’ server in real-time.

It is also said to come with a recovery technique that deletes the malicious code after running. This is to prevent any tracing. The malware can redownload itself and run again.

In a blog, de Groot said: “The victim list contains multi-million dollar, publicly traded companies, which suggests the malware operators make a handsome profit. But the real victims are eventually the customers, who have their card and identity stolen.”