Lottery Now has announced adopting PayNearMe’s MoneyLine platform. This will enable Mido Lotto players to access in-app mobile payment options

LotteryNow is the developer behind the popular Lottery courier app Mido Lotto.

Mido Lotto players will have access to a wide range of payment types on one platform. The MoneyLine platform will allow them to make deposits and withdrawals with cards, Venmo and Paypal.

“Consumers want to use their phones to order Lottery tickets and they demand modern, mobile-first payment options to load their digital wallets, order Lottery tickets, and seamlessly collect winnings”, said Rich Wheeler, co-founder and president at Lottery Now.

“PayNearMe’s team of payments industry experts help us stay informed on developing trends in an evolving marketplace while helping us be more forward with a product roadmap that aligns to our players’ needs”, Wheeler continued.

PayNearMe is a payments platform providing payment solutions for online sports betting and iGaming. Through MoneyLine, PayNearMe seeks to remove friction and enable operators to deliver high-quality player journeys.

Leighton Webb, vice president and general manager of iGaming and Sports Betting at PayNearMe, welcomed the cooperation with LotteryNow.

“We’re excited to partner with Lottery Now to deliver preferred tender types to Mido Lotto players”, Webb said. “According to research, bettors expect a wide range of payment options, and we look forward to being able to offer Mido Lotto’s players a full suite of deposit and payout options through our MoneyLine platform”, he continued.

With one platform and integration, operators can facilitate deposits, payouts and engagements using data to automate decisions and better manage payment experiences that reduce costs and increase revenue.