Gemalto, the digital security
company, has been selected by Japan’s KDDI, a mobile communication
provider with over 31m subscribers, to provide its User Identity
Module cards and trusted service management solution for its
near-field communication programme.

Until December, participants in
this pilot can use various types of NFC services ranging from
mobile payments, transportation services, e-driver’s licences,
e-ticketing, as well as information acquisition from smart posters.
This trial will have participation from industries including car
manufacturers, airline companies, and cinema operators.

“We selected Gemalto based on their
global expertise, sound experience and achievements in the field of
NFC,” said Kenichi Bandou, senior manager in KDDI’s business
enhancement department.

“We are entrusting Gemalto with
providing and managing the secure channels between KDDI and the
service providers to conveniently connect customers in the digital