KBC Bank Ireland (KBC) has partnered with American payment processor TSYS to launch its credit card in the Irish market.

Currently TSYS offers debit payment services for KBC, which delivers business and personal banking services to customers in Ireland. The bank launched its credit card in March 2014.

Dara Deering, executive director and head of retail banking at KBC Bank Ireland, said: "At KBC Bank Ireland, we are focused on enhancing our retail banking products for our customers and offering them real value.

"The launch of our credit card product enables us to provide additional services to our account holders, and TSYS continues to work with us as a trusted partner."

TSYS International executive vice president Kelley Knutson commented, "Having successfully worked with KBC to launch debit capabilities, we have been able to meet their expectations to further launch a solution for credit cards."

Besides helping the bank’s card processing operations, TSYS Managed Services EMEA also supports its credit card portfolio with customer service, dispute and chargeback handling, and fraud and strategy management.