Hospitality tech provider Kallpod has launched its full-service mobile ordering and payment solution brand Kontactless at multiple locations across the US and Canada.

The newly launched solution leverages QR code technology to allow customers to order food, beverages, and merchandise at hospitality venues.

The service is now available to use at select Hyatt, Courtyard Marriott, and Hilton locations.

Customers need not download any app to place orders, the company said.

At a restaurant, bar, hotel, or event venue, they can scan the QR code at their table or seat using their mobile devices.

This will open a custom responsive webpage where they can place orders, make payments, track orders, and leave feedback.

Kontactless can also be used in parking lots and other outside spaces.

Kallpod has integrated Kontactless with many point-of-sale (POS) systems and designs and prints custom QR codes for operators.

Kontactless CEO and founder Gabriel Weisz said: “Kontactless represents an amazing step forward for the hospitality industry, and we are proud to work with such exceptional brands to bring this solution to the marketplace.

“Having built a significant footprint in the hospitality industry over the last decade, we were well-positioned to address customer concerns while at the same time increasing efficiency and productivity for operators.”

Using Kontactless, guests can place orders in advance and alert the venue once they arrive.